Annex A - Research Proposal

Topic:What caused students to talk in class
Why is my topic interesting/unusual/creative?
It is interesting to me as I am helping my schoolmates who have behavior problems,and at the same time i could learn a lot of things.Our group is doing on”talking while others are speaking.

  What is the purpose/value of exploring my topic?
To advocate good behavior/attitude in SST, in that way, it be a more conducive learning environment when people do not talk when a person is talking.

  What are the interesting and relevant learning points derived from my topic?
Some interesting fact are to know more about psychology,at the aspects of chatting/talking. I could learn how to control ourselves to stop talking.

  Why are my suggested strategies/approaches to deal with topic interesting and/or effective?
Our group is going to interview students,teachers and counsellors .It is interesting because we get to know true experience from the interviewees. 

Why is my topic manageable/feasible? 
“talking when others are speaking” this topic is manageable as it is narrowed down so the topic is not to vast.

  How can I obtain concrete evidence to support my   research on my topic?
I would probably interview people(example:counsellors,teachers and students) and such for notes online. 

  Who are my target audiences?
Students who cannot control themselves to stop talking in class.  

Why have I chosen these groups of people for target audiences?

If they can be quietened down, we could have a better learning environment.

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