Annex B - Research Justifications

research topic:behavior

behavior of sst students in class(what causes students to talk in class)
group c research justification
  1. Framing our research topic

our chosen area of focus is “behavior of sst students in class(what causes students to talk in class)”.we have chosen this topic because we want to advocate good behavior in sst so that sst students will have a more conducive environment to study in.we have found out different types of environments that we can set up to have a more conducive environment to study in.

There are as many different study environments as there are students. Some students cannot study when it is very quiet, because then any sound at all attracts their attention. Some students need the quietness because they cannot ignore the noises, so what is conducive to one is not necessarily conducive to another. Some students have to create a environment to try and screen out anything their eyes might see, because they are very distracted by movement and sounds. Others need a busy environment so that there are no isolated movements to attract their attention. 

Background sounds
Studying with headphones on tends to decrease retention/memory, whereas music in the background can be an aid to study. The difference between the two deals with how close the input of sound is.Unlike music through headphones, background music has all environmental noises included in it, and to hear this music to the exclusion of other input requires intense concentration. For example, if you have ever seen somebody trying to listen to an instructional recording in the middle of a busy work environment, you may have noticed that they closed their eyes to decrease visual input to help them focus on the sound. People do not use this type of concentration for environmental sounds, and can focus on the closer print material to a greater degree. Some people use familiar music to mask outside noises. With the music being very familiar, the student in some ways does not "hear" it, it is an expected noise with an expected sequence.Some studies even suggest that certain types of music -- such as Bach, Beethoven, or flowing instrumentals -- may even increase intelligence and retention of material. However, only calming music works,rock music,heavy metal.will only decrease the efficiency,teachers can play some music while we do class work to allow us to increase our concentration level.
  1. Reasons for choice of topic

we have chosen this topic because we want to find out why some people tend to talk more in class.our few possibilities are-> not interested,just talkative and bored.
  1. Feasibility of the research

“talking when others are speaking” this topic is manageable as it is narrowed down so the topic is not to vast.

  How can I obtain concrete evidence to support my   research on my topic?
I would probably interview people(example:counsellors,teachers and students) and such for notes online. 

  Who are my target audiences?
Students who cannot control themselves to stop talking in class.  

Why have I chosen these groups of people for target audiences?
If they can be quietened down, we could have a better learning environment.

  1. Manageability of the research

we will have to work together as a team and have to stay back and discuss,we will also have to conduct surveys and interviews with students and teachers in sst in order to be able to derive to the main few solutions.
  1. Accessibility of the information required

we will have to do research online as well as conduct online surveys and interviews with people in and out of sst. teachers,students.we do not need money for our research but it is time consuming and we will have to stay back in order to complete this research.we will also be asking our parents for their views and why they think students talk in class.

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