Monday, July 1, 2013

IRS group members and respective roles

The Group members of Group C:
- Abiel Wong
- Ferris Hesham
- Sherwyn Ng
- David Yeong

The respective roles of the members:
- Project Manager: Abiel Wong
- Research specialist: Ferris Hesham
- Communications manager: Sherwyn Ng
- Multimedia manager: David Yeong


  1. The role of the multimedia manager is to be in charge of the respective IRS Blogs other multimedia things such as any other IRS related content on the Internet.

  2. My role as the communication manager,is to make sure i pass important messages to my group members and to make sure that we will not have a clash of ideas.

  3. The role of the project manager is to make sure all the members in the team do their work and get all work done.

  4. role of the research specialist is to conduct research for the group so that we have more infomation on the topic.